Dave Ramsay

Dave Ramsay has been a Junior and Senior High School science educator in BC for over 27 years. While completing his master’s, he examined how to incorporate sustainability into his classroom in a meaningful way by developing Watershed focused curriculum. Since then, Dave has been collaborating with educators, industry, and business, to develop BC Tomorrow. Modelled after Alberta Tomorrow successes, BC Tomorrow’s watershed based, three-part educational program gives users a chance to interactively explore land use sustainability issues in local watersheds. The main driver of BC Tomorrow is the digital future scenario simulator. The simulator helps students explore how land use choices today could positively or negatively impact the future.  A set of instructional videos and the ability to link field observations to learning are the two other important elements of BC Tomorrow’s project. When ready, a complete BC Tomorrow educational package will be available, free of charge, to students, teachers, educational organizations throughout BC. BC Tomorrow's learning tools incorporate multiple curricular and core competencies while also giving users the opportunity to interactively investigate sustainability issues in their communities and watersheds. As BC’s educational curriculum has been redesigned to become more student centred and holistic, BC Tomorrow sees an opportunity to provide learning tools to complement educators. Applicable at multiple grades and an ability to be applied from a range of perspectives, BC Tomorrow’s learning tools are powerful. Students interact with real data to address real issues. Their results and solutions can be shared with peers, teachers, family members or the community at large. BC Tomorrow’s learning tools are also consistent with elements of Indigenous holistic learning principles offering opportunities for shared understandings. Watersheds are dynamic, interconnected, complex systems; their function can be positively and negatively impacted by land use. By studying them using BC Tomorrow’s learning tools, students can better understand the complex interactions at work within natural systems.