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Brenda Gallagher and Chelsea Krause

SD23 teacher and presenter and teacher candidate
Brenda Gallagher started her teaching career in 2000 in Edmonton, Alberta where she began her love of languages. She has been teaching primarily French and Spanish across 5 districts that included both public and private school systems, as well as a year teaching languages overseas in Spain. Most recently she is full-time teaching at MBSS in District 23 teaching both languages across grades 9-12. Brenda has been developing her teaching practice applying ComprehensibIe Input and TPRS instruction through collaborations with her district colleagues, and globally with Dr. Liam Printer who is an Irish leading educator out of Switzerland. Brenda is looking forward to sharing her experience and tools of CI teaching using a variety of resources. She hopes to make it simple and effective for all teachers with the intention of making teaching engaging and applicable to all 21st century learners.

Chelsea Krause was born in the Okanagan, and has lived and worked in this beautiful valley for her entire life. She graduated from Kelowna Secondary School in 2011, having completed her schooling in French Immersion. From a young age, she loved the French language and was enthusiastic to continue her learning journey with the language in post-secondary studies. As an educator who is new to the profession, having completed her Bachelor of Education from the Okanagan School of Education in December 2021. In her final practicum, she was bestowed the opportunity to learn from and work with Brenda Gallagher. She was introduced to a variety of teaching methods, including the usage of Comprehensible Input in language learning. During her internship, she applied numerous CI techniques into her lesson planning, and has grown to view Comprehensible Input as an invaluable tool to use in differentiating instruction for learners. She is excited to develop her career in education, while enriching her practice through the usage of Comprehensible Input in the classroom.